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Join us at the German Sausage Festival for Elberta's famous "One With Two Without" German sausage & sauerkraut, plus continuous entertainment for adults and children, and over 200 arts & crafts booths. Other scrumptious foods will include German style filled cabbage, potato salad, goulash, red beans & rice, hamburgers, hot dogs, BBQ sandwiches, ice cream, popcorn and peanuts. There will be baked goods as well as arts & crafts for sale at the festival. Carnival rides, polka, country, contemporary and German music will also be provided for entertainment.

The sausage festival is a town fund-raiser, spearheaded by Elberta's Volunteer Fire Department in 1978, whose proceeds are used for improving not only the fire department, but the town as well. Additionally, local non-profit organizations also benefit from the festival through proceeds from their booth sales and parking lot fees. Due to its huge success, the festival is now held twice a year on the last Saturday of March and October. 

Although the recipe has changed somewhat over the years, the original secret recipe for Elberta's famous sausage is credited to Alfred Stucki who managed Elberta's Locker Plant from 1953 until his death in 1973.

We usually sell about 6,000 pounds of German Sausage each festival, and attract an estimated 20,000 visitors to each festival. All booth spaces are 10'x10'. Regular spaces are $100 each, and spaces requiring electrical are $110. If you want to purchase multiple spaces, it is advised that you send in your application early..don't wait until the last minute! The later it gets, the harder it is to group multiple spaces together. Vendors may start setting up their booths the day before the festival. No security is provided, so setup your merchandise the day before at your own risk! If you still have any questions, you can contact us by e-mail at

When is the festival?
The festival is a one day event that is held twice a year, ALWAYS the last Saturday in March & October.

Where is the festival located?
The festival is located in the town park, at the intersection of Main St. and State St. (Co Rd 83 and US Hwy 98). The park is located directly across from Town Hall. If you are using a GPS, use the address 13052 Main St., Elberta, AL, 36530.

What are the times for the festival?
The festival is held from 8am – 5pm. Vendors will not be allowed to bring vehicles into the park until 5pm, unless otherwise allowed by event staff.


Are pets allowed at the festival?
Unfortunately, only service animals that meet ADA criteria are allowed inside of the event. Those who bring pets will be asked to remove the animal.


What is the cost for a space?
Non-electrical is $100 and electrical is $110. 

How many spaces am I allowed?
You can purchase as many as you need, but as the festival date nears, spaces may be limited. The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes to give you multiple spaces, and spaces next to each other.

What is the size of a booth space?
Spaces are 10’x10'. Tables, tents, etc are not provided. We only provide a 10'x10' space.

Do vendors have to check in?
Yes. Check in is at the gazebo with the blue metal roof in the park. Vendors must check in on Friday 3PM-6PM, or on Saturday 5AM-7AM.

How long do vendors have to setup?
You may start setting up at anytime after you have checked in, and you may setup however long as you like, as long as you have completed setup by 8AM on the day of the festival. All vendors must be checked in and setup by 8AM on Saturday. All vendor vehicles must be out of the park by 8AM the day of the festival. Vehicles are not allowed back into the park until 5PM.

What items are not allowed for sale?
No flea market/garage/yard sale items, air soft guns, stun guns, or other items that can injure others are allowed. Adult novelties/items, or other items that could be construed as offensive in a family setting, or harmful to others are also prohibited. If you think there may be an issue with selling it, you probably shouldn't try to sell it. We do random booth checks throughout the day to ensure those types of items are not being sold. Event staff will have final discretion of what items may be inappropriate.

Where is handicap parking located?
Handicap parking is reserved around the Police Department and the Municipal Complex across from the Town Park.If you park in the handicap zones and you do not have a handicap tag or placard on your vehicle, it will be towed at your expense. Your trailers will also be towed if you park them in this area.

Where are vendors allowed to park?
Parking is located anywhere outside the park as long as no roads/driveways are blocked, with the exception of any handicap parking and/or private property. All traffic laws apply. All vendor vehicles must be outside of the park during the festival or they may be subject to tow. The park area is defined as any area inside of our park rules signes, barricades, gates, and/or chains.

Do you provide wireless internet access?
Free wireless internet access is provided for vendors.

Is there security provided?
Elberta Police has additional officers working during the festival weekend. If you choose to setup your items on Friday and leave them overnight, we are not responsible for any theft or damage to the items.

Am I responsible for collecting sales tax?
Yes. Sales tax in Elberta is 10%. This covers all applicable taxes. You will receive a tax packet upon check-in that will explain how to pay your tax payment.


I was a vendor at the festival. How do I keep my same space for future festivals?
Vendors that attend the October festival have until January 1st to submit their applications to be guaranteed the same booth space(s). Vendors that attend the March festival have until June 1st to submit their applications to be guaranteed the same booth space(s). If you submit your application after January 1st for the March festival or after June 1st for the October festival, it is not guaranteed that you will have the same space as before. Booth spaces may also be renewed when you check-in for the festival. If you are a return vendor and would like to move to a different space than you had, please let us know and we will make every attempt to honor your request, however, cannot guarantee you that will will be able to give you what you are asking for.

My business is setup on/in my vehicle/trailer. Can I sell from it at the festival?
No. Vehicles are not allowed inside of the park after vendor setup; this also includes trailers. You will need to make arrangements to sell your items from your booth space itself. Only approved food vendors are allowed to sell from their vehicles/trailers.

What are my camping, RV, or lodging options?
While you cannot camp or park an RV on the festival grounds, there are camping options nearby. Click here for a complete list of member campgrounds and accommodations.

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